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These Salisbury Funeral Directors Full service with a Great Professional Celebrant 50 Memorial cards, Slideshow and more all for Professional Service $4532.00

  • Administration Fee
  • Transfer from place of death, 24 hours, 7 days within 100 km radius of Adelaide (after hour transfer fee may apply)
  • Final arrangements by telephone or with your family in the comfort of your own home
  • Mortuary care and preparation (accommodation fee may apply)
  • Cremation Fee including making crematorium arrangements
  • Liaising with clergy, florists, caterers (Clergy/ Church may require a donation)
  • Signature Albatross Cremation Casket, picture below (Traditional coffin selection incurs an additional fee)
  • Permanent botanicals for the casket picture below
  • Music from our extensive library
  • Ex service personnel requirements
  • Doctors’ certificates (private practices may incur additional fees) including Government registration and certification
  • Certified copy of the Death Certificate
  • Spains Road Salisbury Downs Chapel Hire (90 seated), picture below.
  • Memorial Pages
  • The use of one of our stretched hearses on the day of the service
  • Signature Staff
  • Professional Celebrant
  • 50 Memorial Cards
  • Slideshow
  • Cremated remains provided in a generic urn
  • Viewing time prior to the commencement of the service

Professional Service Fee starting from: $4,532.00* inc gst

(*This is an accurate estimate of the total minimum price for the least expensive combination of products Signature Funeral Services offers to customers.)

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Proud to be the most locally reviewed Choice for Salisbury Funeral Directors

Salisbury’s locally owned Signature Funerals offers trusted funeral services with compassion, transparency, and personalised options for families.

Signature Funerals are locally owned Salisbury Funeral Directors located in Para Hills West, offering a range of services to help families through the difficult time of losing a loved one. They specialise in direct cremation services, which provide a simple and affordable alternative to traditional funeral arrangements.

With their cremation services, Signature Funerals takes care of everything from transporting the deceased to the crematorium to providing a basic container for the ashes. They also offer a variety of additional services, such as online obituaries, death certificates, and urns, to help families personalise the cremation process and honour the memory of their loved one.

At Salisbury Memorial Park, Signature Funerals offers a range of options for families to create a meaningful and respectful memorial. They work closely with families to customise the service to meet their unique needs, whether that’s a private gathering, a public memorial service, or a scattering of ashes at a meaningful location.

Price they charge

What sets Signature Funerals apart from other Salisbury funeral directors. Is their commitment to transparency and compassionate support and the price they charge. Their experienced funeral directors guide families through the process with care and understanding, providing them with all the information they need to make informed decisions about the cremation service.

As a locally owned business, Signature Funerals is deeply invested in the Salisbury community. They have a strong reputation for providing trustworthy, respectful, and affordable funeral services, making them trusted Salisbury funeral directors in the area.

Overall, Signature Funerals is a compassionate and professional funeral service provider that offers a range of cremation services to help families honour their loved ones. With their transparent pricing, personalised options, and dedicated support, they are a trusted and respected choice as Salisbury Funeral Directors.

Signature Funeral Services at Salisbury Memorial Park: A Guide for Families


Welcome to Salisbury Memorial Park, where Signature Funeral Services offers compassionate support during difficult times. Losing a loved one is never easy, and we understand the importance of providing a caring environment for families to say their final goodbyes. In this article, we will explore the unique offerings of Salisbury Funeral Directors and the comforting services available at Salisbury Memorial Park.

Salisbury Funeral Directors: Your Caring Partners

When facing the loss of a loved one, it’s crucial to have a compassionate team by your side. Salisbury Funeral Directors are dedicated professionals who guide families through the funeral planning process. They listen to your wishes and work diligently to create a meaningful service that honours your loved one’s memory.

Planning a Meaningful Farewell:

Salisbury Funeral Directors offer personalised funeral services that celebrate the life of the departed. With their guidance, you can choose from a range of options, including religious or non-religious ceremonies, floral arrangements, and memorial tributes. By involving the whole family, these services can provide comfort and closure during this difficult time.

Compassionate Support at Salisbury Memorial Park:

At Salisbury Memorial Park, we provide a serene and beautiful setting for honouring your loved ones. The park features peaceful gardens, memorial walls, and dedicated spaces for reflection. With nature’s tranquillity as a backdrop, you can find solace and healing during your visits.

Supportive Staff:

Our dedicated staff understands the emotional journey you are going through. They are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. From helping you locate a specific memorial to providing guidance on funeral etiquette, our team is here to offer compassionate support every step of the way.

Remembering Your Loved One:

Signature Funeral Services at Salisbury Memorial Park also offers unique ways to remember your loved one. From personalised engraved plaques to dedicated memorial benches, we can help you create lasting tributes that honour their memory for generations to come.


Salisbury Funeral Directors and Salisbury Memorial Park are committed to providing compassionate care and support during your time of loss. Our team understands the importance of saying goodbye in a meaningful way and creating lasting memories. Trust us to guide you through this challenging process, helping you find solace and honour the life of your loved one at Salisbury Memorial Park.