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Say Goodbye to your loved one in a beautiful and meaningful way with the help of Signature Funeral Services. Because we one of the most respected Enfield Funeral Directors. We have helped countless people to say goodbye to beloved family and friends with our thoughtful funeral services.

Whether you want to hold your service in a local place of worship, in one of the calm and serene chapels, or in your home, and whether your loved one has requested burial or private cremation, we offer the kind of dignified and personal funerals Enfield residents deserve. At prices that don’t cost the earth.

Simple and dignified Enfield funerals, cremations and burials

One of the reasons why Signature Funeral Services are the funeral directors Enfield people rely on to provide simple and dignified Enfield funerals is because we believe that funerals shouldn’t create financial stress for anyone.

That’s why we offer fixed-price, all-inclusive funerals to suit all budgets. Whether you want a minimalist simple funeral, or you want something more elaborate, we’ll have a suitable funeral package to give your loved one a fitting farewell.

Our Enfield Funeral Director also offer preplanning and prepayment options for all our funeral services, so that your family and friends are spared having to make difficult decisions at a time when they’re grieving.

Signature Funeral Services will create the perfect send off for your loved one

Many people prefer to specify how and where they want to hold their funeral after their passing. However, if you’ve been left to organise a funeral for your loved one, it can often be a difficult task, at what is already a stressful time.

Our Enfield Funeral Director will show you the all-inclusive funeral packages help to take some of that stress away, while providing a dignified and fitting commemorative service for your loved one.

Our  packages include everything from mortuary care and preparation. Funeral notices, transportation and all certification to liaising with clergy members, florists and caterers, music arrangements, our beautiful Signature Caskets, memorial pages and admin at the enfield crematorium if a cremation is required.

Hold your loved one’s funeral in one of the beautiful chapels in Enfield Memorial Park

Depending on the size of the funeral, our Enfield Funeral Director offer a choice of beautiful chapels in Enfield Memorial Park for your loved one’s funeral service.

Of course, you can choose to hold the service in your regular place of worship or even in your own home. Following the service, we offer a dignified cremation or burial in Enfield.

Contact Signature Funeral Services to organise your Enfield funeral service

As one of the most compassionate Enfield Funeral Director. So we are here to give you the support and advice, because you will need this when it’s time to arrange a funeral. We’ll guide you through the whole process, and help to take away the strain of making difficult decisions. We also provide funeral services in Elizabeth, Salisbury & Centennial Park.

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Contact us here at Signature Funeral Services by calling (08) 8281 0260, or 1300 199 299, sending an email to [email protected], or completing our online form.

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Use our automated form to send an online enquiry. Our consultants will happily answer any questions about the Enfield package (providing itemised estimations about available services, pricing, and more).

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Enfield Memorial Park


Enfield Memorial Park in Adelaide is a place where we can remember and honour our loved ones who have passed away. At Signature Funeral Services, we understand the importance of providing compassionate support during this sensitive time. Let’s explore how our services at Enfield Memorial Park help create meaningful and personalised farewells for your cherished family members.

Creating Lasting Memories at Enfield Memorial Park:

Enfield Memorial Park is a serene and beautiful location that offers a peaceful setting for remembrance. Our goal is to help you create lasting memories by organising respectful and heartfelt funeral services that celebrate the lives of your loved ones.

Compassionate Assistance from Signature Funeral Services:

At Signature Funeral Services, we provide compassionate assistance every step of the way. Our caring team will guide you through the funeral planning process, offering support, and answering any questions you may have.

Personalising Farewells:

We understand that each person is unique and deserves a farewell that reflects their individuality. Our funeral services at Enfield Memorial Park can be personalised to honour your loved one’s life. We work closely with you to incorporate meaningful elements such as music, readings, and personal tributes.

Supporting Families:

Losing a loved one can be overwhelming, and we are here to support you and your family during this challenging time. Our dedicated team at Enfield Memorial Park provides comfort, empathy, and resources to help you cope with grief and find solace.

A Place of Remembrance and Healing:

Enfield Memorial Park serves as a place for remembrance and healing. It offers peaceful surroundings where you can visit and reflect on the memories of your loved ones. Our goal is to create a comforting atmosphere that provides a sense of peace and tranquillity.


At Enfield Memorial Park in Adelaide, Signature Funeral Services is committed to helping you honour and remember your loved ones with compassion and care. Our personalised funeral services and supportive assistance ensure that your family receives the comfort and guidance needed during this challenging time. Enfield Memorial Park provides a serene and meaningful space for remembrance and healing. Trust us to create a heartfelt tribute that celebrates the lives of your cherished family members at Enfield Memorial Park.

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Full Service, Free photo presentation on the big screen in an Air conditioned comfortable chapel
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