Natural Earth Burial Services in Adelaide

bio-pod Elegant, practical, natural, bio-degradable. The pleasing lines of its organic ‘seed pod’ shape reflect the very essence of nature​.

Perpetual Security of the Natural Burial Ground

Natural Burial Services Adelaide

The ‘peppercorn’ Lease is for periods of 99 years and grants automatic rights of renewal. The lease will be registered upon the title of the property so even in the event of sale, the rights of those interred and their relatives and descendants are secured indefinitely.

Embroided Hemp Bio-Pod


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Natural Jute Bio-Pod


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Elegant, practical, natural, bio-degradable. Amidst an ever-increasing awareness of environmental issues, a shift toward simpler greener funerals, and the emergence of natural burial grounds in Australia, the revolutionary bio-podTM meets the growing demand for a practical, elegant alternative to traditional coffins.

The pleasing lines of its organic ‘seed pod’ shape reflect the very essence of nature – the beginning and end of life. The bio-podTM provides a practical, symbolic way for the physical remains to be returned to the earth naturally, with style and dignity.

On the outside, the strong, protective layers of natural jute and hemp are tastefully embellished with a selection of embroidered designs. Inside, the ingenious bio-active liner meets the most stringent practical and legal requirements. Using the specially crafted church bearer, the bio-podTM can be easily moved on existing roller systems in hearses, take its position on a wheeled trolley, or be carried by pall bearers from the church or chapel in the traditional manner. At the graveside, carry bars slide into place allowing pall bearers or funeral staff to position the bio-podTM at the graveside with ease and safety.

No matter where you live, no matter whether you’re motivated by environmental challenges, or simply attracted to the idea of a natural, gentle return to the earth, the bio-podTM represents a truly elegant choice.

will use all their knowledge and the latest technology to create an experience that truly reflects the person that you loved.

Funeral services are one of the more personal experiences of your life. Why not allow the compassionate and friendly team at Signature Funerals to work with you and create a memory that lasts another lifetime.

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones. – ” musical innovator John Cage


Looking to arrange a Natural Burial in Adelaide for a loved one?

If yes, you’ll find all of the help you need here at Signature Funeral Services. We’re leading the way in natural earth burial services in Adelaide area as we’re committed to planning and carrying out beautiful services that are tailored to each person’s specific requirements.
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Natural Burials in Adelaide

The death of a loved one is always hard as you learn to adjust to life without them and arrange a funeral service that allows those who knew and loved them to say goodbye.

Signature Funeral Services can be there for you during this difficult time and we can help you to plan the perfect funeral, including natural burial services in Adelaide.

We understand that funerals can be a tough time for loved ones and we strive to be as understanding and respectful as possible whilst delivering the top quality service we are known for. We even offer a prepaid service that can alleviate the stress of the finances when the time comes.

Knowing that everything will go smoothly and your loved one will get the send off that he/she truly deserves can offer a great deal of piece of mind during a very difficult time.

We Help You Plan & Organise A Natural Earth Burial With Ease

When in a time of grief, it can be hard to know what kind of funeral service to plan as there are many different options. If your loved one gave any last wishes about what to do with their remains, your decision might be a little easier.

Cremation is the least expensive option and family members will be given an urn containing the ashes, which can then be scattered or buried. We offer our cremation services at the Enfield Crematorium as well as the Centennial Park Crematorium.

Some people prefer a traditional burial where the body is placed into a wooden coffin and then lowered into the ground. Family and friends then have a graveside that can be adorned with flowers and visited.

A natural earth burial offers you all the advantages of a traditional burial, but it is much more environmentally friendly and the greenest option. The body is placed into a bio-pod that is made from natural materials that biodegrade and return the remains of your loved one to the earth.

Choosing to have a natural burial funeral can be a wonderful option for those who are conscious of the environment and it is a much more natural method of the circle of life.

As with all our funeral services that we offer, when you appoint us for natural burial services, we take care of everything down to the smallest of details.

Our Adelaide Natural Earth Burial Services Are Unique

Our unique Bio Pod system offers an elegant and natural alternative to a traditional coffin and it meets all legal requirements thanks to its bio-active liner. On the outside of the pod, protective layers of jute and hemp offer protection from the elements and they can be embellished with a selection of decorative designs.

The ‘seed pod’ design reflects the very essence of nature and allows for seamless transportation from the ceremony of your choice to the final resting place.

The pod can be carried by pallbearers and transported in a hearse, much like a traditional coffin. Once it arrives at the graveside, carry bars slide into place allowing the pod to be lowered into position delicately and safely. The pod is then buried as normal and returns to the earth naturally, unlike traditional methods.

Each natural burial site in Adelaide is leased for a period of 99 years and grants automatic rights of renewal. Even in the event of sale, the rights of descendants are secured indefinitely.

At Signature Funeral Services, we work hard to make this difficult time as easy as possible so please get in touch with us with your questions if we haven’t covered the information that you need to know above.

Why Choose Signature Funeral Services for a Natural Earth Burial

We have a fair and transparent pricing policy for our natural burial, which includes a natural traditional hemp or jute shroud.

Our funeral directors can come to the comfort of your home for the final arrangements to ensure everything is how you want it to be. We also make all the cemetery arrangements for you, although the burial ground costs are an extra expense.

If you choose to have the service and committal at the graveside, we can provide a canopy and chairs. Along with this, all the paperwork, including a certified death certificate, is taken care of. We also offer the use of one of our hearses on the day of the funeral.

Signature Funeral Services have a large library of music that you can choose from for the natural burial or you can provide your music, so there are always options to make the service as personal to your loved one as possible. This can all be played through our crystal clear wireless PA system that can also play your favourite CDs.

If you have any further questions about natural burial in Adelaide, please contact us and we would love to answer all your questions and find out if it is right for you. We can be contacted by phone, email or via our online form at any time.

Have More Questions About Our Natural Burial Funeral Services?

In Australia 85-90% of coffins are made from solid wood and/or particle board and these materials can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. A natural earth burial in Adelaide allows swift and safe biodegradation, returning all of the energy and nutrients back into the earth, helping the environment and completing the cycle of life.

It’s no wonder that more and more people in Adelaide and Australia are opting for this type of service over a traditional burial or private cremation.

If you’re looking to make funeral plans in adelaide for yourself or a loved one pick up the phone and call (08) 82810260 anytime, night or day, or email us at [email protected].

We’re on hand to take care of all aspects of this difficult process allowing for a smooth and dignified ceremony.

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