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Home Funerals the staff provide canopies, seats, sound and technology so we can truly celebrate in our private arena as it should be. The stunning park – lakeside down the road could be an option as well $3850

Professional Home Funerals and all the inclusions

Our comprehensive Administration Fee covers a range of essential services to ensure a seamless and personalised funeral experience. Here’s what it includes:

Firstly, we provide a 24/7 transfer service within a 100 km radius of Adelaide. Whether it’s during regular hours or after-hours. Our compassionate team is available to transport your loved one with care and respect.

Home Funeral Arrangements

We understand the importance of finalising your funeral arrangements in a familiar and comforting environment. Therefore we offer the convenience of conducting all necessary discussions and preparations in the privacy of your family’s own home.

Mortuary Care & Cremation

Likewise our dedicated staff is committed to providing exceptional mortuary care and preparation for your home funeral. While an accommodation fee may apply, you can trust that your loved one will receive the utmost care and attention to detail.

The Cremation Fee covers the necessary arrangements with the crematorium, ensuring a smooth  cremation process. We handle all the necessary paperwork and coordination.

We assist you in liaising with clergy, florists, and caterers. Ensuring that every aspect of the service meets your specific requirements. Please note that clergy may require a donation, which we can guide you through.

Coffin, Flowers, Music & Service Personnel

Additionally, as part of our comprehensive package. We offer the Signature Albatross Cremation Casket. If you prefer a traditional coffin selection, there may be an additional fee involved.

We provide exquisite designer silk flowers for the casket, adding a touch of beauty and elegance to the home funerals we provide.

Furthermore our Signature staff is guaranteed. They will be there to support and guide you throughout the entire home funeral process. Attending to all the necessary arrangements and ensuring a seamless experience.

Music plays an important role in creating a meaningful atmosphere. You can choose from our extensive library or specify your preferred songs to be played during the service. Therefore adding a personal touch to the farewell.

If your loved one served in the military or has specific ex-service personnel requirements. We will make the necessary arrangements to honor their service and ensure a fitting tribute.

Death Certificate, Memorial Pages, Hearse & Staff for your Home Funeral

Similarly we take care of obtaining the doctors’ certificates, government registration, and certification. Finally ensuring all legal and administrative aspects are handled professionally. Private practices may incur additional fees for doctors’ certificates.

likewise we provide a certified copy of the Death Certificate, an essential document for various administrative and legal purposes.

Additionally we offer memorial pages, allowing family and friends to share their heartfelt messages and memories as a lasting tribute.

On the day of the service, we provide the use of one of our hearses. Ensuring a dignified and respectful transportation to the chosen location.

With our comprehensive Administration Fee, we aim to provide a complete and personalised home funeral service, relieving you of the burden of coordinating various aspects and allowing you to focus on honoring and remembering your loved one.

Professional Service Fee: $3850.00

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Holding a funeral at home

Holding a funeral at home can be a deeply personal and meaningful way to honour the life of a loved one. It allows you to create a unique and intimate environment where family and friends can come together to celebrate the person’s life and offer support to one another.

Here’s a guide on how to hold a funeral at home:

Preparation: Before hosting a funeral at home, it’s important to make necessary arrangements. Contact a funeral director or home funeral guide who can assist you in navigating legal requirements and provide guidance throughout the process.

Notify family and friends:

Reach out to family members, close friends, and acquaintances to inform them of the funeral and invite them to participate. You can use traditional means like phone calls, emails, or even create an online memorial page to share details and updates.

Create a peaceful space:

Transform a suitable area of your home into a comforting and serene space for the funeral. Clear the space of any unnecessary furniture or clutter, and consider decorating it with flowers, candles, and photographs that represent the person’s life.

Plan the ceremony:

Determine the structure and format of the funeral ceremony based on your loved one’s wishes, cultural or religious traditions, and personal preferences. Decide who will lead the ceremony, whether it’s a family member, a celebrant, or a religious leader.

Arrange for a casket or an urn:

If you choose to have a traditional casket, coordinate with the funeral director to transport it to your home. Alternatively, if you opt for cremation, place the urn containing the ashes in a prominent location during the ceremony.

Consider logistics:

Make necessary arrangements for parking, seating, and accommodations for attendees. You may need to rent additional chairs or set up extra space for people to gather. Consider providing tissues, water, and any necessary comfort items.

Prepare a eulogy and readings:

Assign family members or close friends to deliver eulogies or share personal stories and memories about the deceased. Choose readings or poems that resonate with their life and values, and invite others to contribute their thoughts as well.

Music and rituals:

Select meaningful songs, hymns, or instrumental pieces that reflect the person’s life or evoke a sense of comfort and reflection. Incorporate any rituals or customs that are significant to your loved one’s culture or beliefs.

Support services:

Offer support services for attendees, such as providing grief counselling resources, contact information for local support groups, or pamphlets with helpful information on coping with loss.

Reception or gathering:

After the ceremony, consider hosting a reception or gathering where people can share stories, offer condolences, and support each other. Provide refreshments or a meal to nourish the attendees.

Remember, holding a funeral at home requires careful planning and organisation. Don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance and support from funeral directors or home funeral guides to ensure you meet legal requirements and honour your loved one in a respectful manner.


Signature Funerals Adelaide Funerals Services is dedicated to providing compassionate support and creating heartfelt ceremonies that celebrate the lives of your loved ones. Our Signature Funeral Services are designed to honour individuality and preserve cherished memories. With our caring team, thoughtful planning, and serene environment, we aim to provide comfort during challenging times. Trust us to guide you through the journey of saying goodbye to those who are dear to your heart.