Floral Tributes for Funeral Memorial Services

Permanent botanicals are included with every service if you wish

As with many things in life it is the small details that matter. Our funeral directors may suggest a personalised approach such as playing your dearly departed’s favourite song, or displaying unique items like a footy jumper or band instruments. Saying goodbye in the most heartfelt way is often the very best way to symbolise the life of your loved one.

Choosing beautiful permanent botanical casket sprays up to 6 feet long ordain the casket applying a finishing touch and are provided free
of charge!

Personalised Approach by Funeral Directors for Different Funeral Plans



If you are looking for the ultimate elegance and sophistication in a flower tribute, order from our stunning selection of Silk flower arrangements, no cost


Cottage Garden

Our funeral directors provide the best possible support and care during this time. Our modern approach and range of funeral plans allow you to have a variety of choice in how you want your loved one to be remembered. Our funeral memorial services incorporate the latest audio and video technology and along with photos can create a theme that best represents your loved one.

No one particularly likes having to organise a funeral, which is why we take great care in helping you select the appropriate memorial service and explain in easy to understand terms how the service is carried out.